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Salt Lake Temple Picture

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well I am part of a weight loss club called the BLC. I absolutely LOVE it! Anway, the ladies on there were having a tough week and I was joking around trying to lift their spirits! Well I suggested that they go out in their front yards and do yoga in front of all their neighbors. They all laughed, well as far as laughing can go online! Anyway, one lady asked me/dared me to do it in the snow in capris at my house. I accepted the challenge and here are the pictures to prove that I did it.
Now I really did it in the snow and I froze! My hands were frozen and snow got in my shoes! I had to kneel in it and so my knees got cold too, but it was so fun!
So here ya go, here are the pictures of my doing "Snow Yoga"!

I almost slipped and did the splits when doing this move and the next move. They look smililar but are different...as my feet are in different positions! That is so I don't fall over!

HA HA, I almost fell over sideways when doing this one!

This is me greeting the sun. The sky was partly cloudy but I was finally able to see the blue sky. I was so happy! We have had about 2 weeks of really gross air because of the lack of storms. I hate inversions! This pose got my knees cold and wet and my hands hurt after putting them in the crusty and cold snow! But it was fun, my abs really got a good workout!

This is the last pose. I don't know the name of it and I know I am not doing it the right way, but hey, I tried! I get points for that! Lisa my sister was taking the pictures and she said I look like a ballerina. I agree, I look like a fruit cake! But hey, it gave kicks to my friends that were having a rough week and that was the point! Lisa was laughing at me and so I know that was worth it! In fact I bet that there were others like my grandparents (that have passed away) were shaking their heads and getting a kick out of my dorkiness! Oh well, that is how I work!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well lately I have been having some pretty weird dreams! No, nothing about what sex my baby is going to be. I'm not even pregnant, there are things that have to happen before that can come to pass...if ya know what I mean!;)
My dreams aren't about me falling from a cliff, being chased by a crazed fan or something weird, getting a house, a new car, traveling, or anything like that. My dreams have been about being kidnapped and falling in love with the FBI agent that did the alleged "kidnapping". WHAT THE....
Why do my dreams need to tourture me so? It's not like the guy is ugly in my dreams. In fact he is tall, dark, mysterious, HOT, caring, supportive, sensitive, funny, strong, HOT, tall, smart, and HANDSOME! I mean these dreams keep popping into my head all day long. It's not like I don't have other things to keep my mind occupied throughout the day, but the happenings of the dreams keep shoveing their way to the forefront of my thoughts.
I have found that my dreams don't mean much in the way of them happening in reality but this one could be a good one to live through! I might even have the rest of the dream tonight...now that would be nice. I would love to know if this "falling in love" becomes anything more than that. It would be great if he takes it a step further and makes us get married because of the situation and because of the "falling in love" mess.
Do you believe in the dreams you have? Have you had any weird, cool, or other wise mentionable dreams lately? Let's share!
Sweet Dreams!