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Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Gift Exchange

Once again I have been so stinking busy. With school ending and stress of making sure my students were successful in learning things, getting my classroom packed up and moved, starting Summer School (I am teaching it this summer...and I do not like it), wedding prep for my sister (UGH), and trying to survive the 100+ degree temps we are dealing with (and other things I am dealing with but I'm going there;))...I am about ready to max my credit card and go on a trip and relax! But before I do that I need to show you what I did for the Summer Gift Exchange I did. It is like the one I posted about around Christmas time! I seriously felt like this one had a shorter time period than the other one. I am a little late on gettig the gift to the cute lady I was paired up with, but I got it out today! Sorry Kristin! I'm seriously not a late person, but for some reason this one is late! After e-mailing back and forth via Elfster I started getting ideas. One thing I like about Elfster is that when you register you can start making wishlists with things that they have in a wishlist thing. It helps others get a better idea of your style, likes, etc. I had some ideas floating around and then I went through Kristin's wishlist and saw some pretty cool things. I was starting to get new ideas and then I saw that she had a cute sweater pillow in her wishlist. It was so cute. I thought that should be easy...well not so much! I actually have been learning to sew (my background consists of Jr. High sewing classes...2 of them) but have been having a hard time doing it because my Mom's sewing machine HATES me. I have tried using it in the past and the thing breaks. It seriously will only work for my Mom. I tried helping her do costumes for her school play and it broke on me... twice:(. I seriously think it's possessed! Not even kidding! So for Kristin I made her two pillows! Now, the pillows were actually bought from Ikea (love that maze of a store) and the sweater and ruffle shirt were bought from DI (don't worry, I washed them..really well and they smelled great when I sent them!) I thought they would be great! The sweater is navy blue and the ruffle shirt is gray. I remembered that Kristin mentioned that she decorates with navy blue and I thought the gray went well with it and it has the ruffles...you can't go wrong with ruffles! Now remember, my Mom's sewing machine is biased and only works for her so she did the sewing! I am so grateful for her help! I am the one who sewed the buttons on. It is totally obvious that I am the one that did that part...it's not the best, but I did try and it was by hand! I couldn't think of anything else to put on the sweater pillow. I think it looks good being simple! Especially with the ruffle pillow being so busy! They make a good match if I do say so myself! Here are a few pictures of them post surgery!
And to add to the piece-a-resistaunce (that is total phonetic spelling;)) I had made this little cuttie before the exchange and when I saw that Kristin liked a bird framed mirror with birds similar to this I thought it would be perfect! I was looking for someone special to give it to and she was the perfect one for it! It is bright blue with a bright yellow. It is a happy bird I painted and it has brought happiness to me as it sat waiting for the right person to receive it! I got it from one of my favorite craft places, The Wood Connection. They have some really cute things to paint and put together! I love going in there and being inspired. I have so many projects that I need to complete from there it is taking alot of room up in my bedroom/craft room! Here is the best shot I could get of it. The lighting was not good as I was photographing a huge storm was brewing outside and the lighting was getting all weird!
I love doing these and I have really loved being paired up with Kristin for this Craft Exchange! I would love to have you join up on the next one! You get to meet so many great people and get so many great ideas! Here is the link to webiste to join! Craftaholics Anonymous Happy crafting and if you have any crafting or sewing ideas to share please link up in the comments area. I would love to follow your blog and learn from you!

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  1. Sara! That pillow is darling! You really did a superb job! :)