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Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well today I did a 5K and it was pretty cool! I didn't think I was going to be able to do it! I kept having knee pains from an old injury that slowed me down. Oh and not to mention the RAIN, HUGE puddles, and pot holes.
I was blessed to have my sister Lisa by my side the entire time and we had a blast! We had our iPods and jokes! I tried multiple times to push her into huge puddles but she wouldn't be persuaded! We kept each other going through our running and walking spurts by cheering each other on! I know that if she wasn't there I would not have been able to do what I did!
Towards the end of the "race" I was jumping in as many pot holes and puddles as I could find to get her and two people that were nice enough to come back for us wet! I am so glad that there are nice people like that in my ward!
I have to say that this has been a wonderful motivator for me and it has boosted my confidence in myself! I have overcome a hurdle in my life and this has helped me to overcome the next, and the next, and the next...and so on. I don't know how to explain the emotions going on in my heart and mind having accomplished this. I feel like I can do it again, where as before I would have told myself I would never be able to anything like this and who would really care if I did! My thinking has changed and that is, I don't need to have others acceptance and praise to keep going at this and that BELIEVING in myself and continuing to tell myself that I CAN do it and WILL do it. I think that believing in yourself means more than having others believe in you. When you are in the race or the game it is your mind you hear the most and makes the most difference!
Lisa and I were talking and we would like to do more of these kinds of things next year! I don't think I could it in the next few months because I want to do more running than walking and I need to condition my body do that! I wish I knew some ways to get my body ready for that! Anyone that reads this....if there are any! If you have any ideas I would love the help!
Stay cool and make good choices...they follow you where ever you go!


  1. Congrats!!! That is an awesome feat!

  2. You are amazing! Great job Sara! It always feels good to work on and accomplish a goal!

  3. Way to go, Sara! Let me know what type of conditioning you are looking for. I have plenty of running schedules I can send you and you can follow (they are week by week). If you are interested in weight training, I can help you there, too.

    I agree with you--gotta believe in yourself if you want to get anything done in life.

  4. Sara! I found your blog! Congrats on the 5K. I would probably die before I finished something like that.

  5. Hey Sara, I found your blog link. Cute blog! I am a horrible runner. However my husband and I are going to start mountain biking again. If you are a memeber of Gold's gym, and need a gym buddy let me know!