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Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

As Memorial Day approaches I am reminded again of the sacrifices our family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. have made in our behalf. It humbles me and brings so many things into focus that have been out of focus for so long. Having 2 grandparents serve in the Military during WWII and having 3 cousins and multiple friends serving in the current war, I am honestly so grateful for their love and example. I constantly pray for their safety and well being. I worry about them all the time and wish on every star for them to come home safely to their families. I do hope this war is over soon so our troups can come home soon. What a great reunion that will be!
I hope that during this Memorial Day weekend you will take some time to remember all that is going on to keep you safe and free. I hope you will remember that many have died in your name and will continue to do so as long as our nation is under attack. As long as this goes on, there are countless men and woman who willingly put themselves in harms way to keep us safe.
Our freedom comes with a cost, and I find it trully humbling that there are special people out there who care and are willing to do what it takes to keep our freedom intact. It is to them that I share my deepest gratitude and love for all they so willingly do for me, for you, for us, and for future generations. It is to them that I dedicate this Memorial Day and weekend to! They are a strength to me and I hope that in some way they will know how much I appreciate and love them!
I pray for their safety and yours during this weekend and always! I hope you will keep our troups in your heart and mind always!

Peace and best wishes to you all!


  1. Sara,
    Thank you for your comments on my blog post. Would you mind if I shared your comments on the Facebook group page? Please email me your response @ jjpack@hotmail.com
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for this post Sara. I pray for Josh every day and I am so grateful for his service to our country and for his sacrifices. It definitely takes a special kind of person to be able to do what our military men and women do every day.

  3. Good post, Sara. I think most of us get too caught up in the recreational activities of Memorial Day and forget to stop and reflect on what was sacrificed so we can enjoy the things we do. Thanks for the reminder to give thanks for those people.