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Salt Lake Temple Picture

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I HavE pIctUrEs! Wooooohooooo! These are some pictures from Family Camp. Now, please remember that I don't normally look....oh whats the word. Um, gross, weird, psycho, etc! There great times had by all! It was fun to get frantic looking Michael, watch the skits, tredge up the hill each and every day...at least 3 times, eat mac and cheese, get lectures by B's dad, actually it was teasing and conversations, snow cones, fish jumping out of water, Bariann and her kids canoeing, bugs scaring the _____ out of me, and playing around with some adorable little 3-4 year old kids. I had a blast and I know this sounds really bad, but I am glad that Leah got sic so I could go! I hope that next year I can go again! I will have to make sure that I have some AmAzIng bUg sprAy! I hate bugs, but love camping! OH and I will be doing more Bow and Arrow shooting next year. I learned how to do that this year and it is tough, but so cool! The kids were better than I was! I hope next year I can do better!

Well here are some pictures, I hope I do this right. I will add them and then tell you what is going on. I don't know how to do it...so here we go!

This is me looking mighty HoT in the camping chair! Yes, my hair was pulled up and out of my face the whole time! I hate the sweaty neck thing!

This is Bariann, Jacob, David, and Spencer out on the lake. Yes, it is filled with a whole heap of silvery, slimy fish. Of course I am freaked out by fish that can swim by and touch me and such! I'm a dork, I know! Anyway, on to the next picture!

This is me and some of the kids I was worked with while at camp. We were doing our skit. We did "Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You See?". They were so cute! Some of them just stood there with their picture, while others held their picture and sang their song. I loved my time with those cute kids!

This was our last day of "class" and the kids were so excited to do a pinata. They all got a chance to hit it, actually they got I think 3 turns. Finally we had to rig it and the candy came out! They scrambled and took as much of the stuff from it as possible. It was so funny, they reminded me of the Verizon commercial with the pinata and the dad yelling "DON'T EAT AUNT MARSHA"! I wanted to yell that! But I restrained myself!

The last night we had boat races...I of course lost. I made the boat on the first day and raced it the last night. I also made a man to race on it as well and he didn't work, he was to heavy. So I raced it with the one captain (I made as well). OH, to race them, we had to blow them down rain gutters placed on tables and filled with water. I lost I think 2 times...that was enough of a pride wounder for me!


On the last day of camp I decided to try my hand, arm, chin, and head at Bow and Arrows. I hit my chin which caused my teeth to hit each other! But I got in the middle circle one time, it was so close to the bulls eye! More or less my arrows flew right on past the target and hit the net behind it or the ground. I got all the people there laughing at my shooting antics! JoYFuLNeSS!

Well I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial of my first experience at Famiy Camp '09!

Hugs and Squishes,


  1. Mama, Mia! That's a crazy little camp! Looks like tons of fun! I haven't seen pictures or an update of your old friend Bariann and her kids since college. Kind of fun to see how they're doing.

  2. Hi Sara,
    Thank you for your comment on the hat. I love the new style and I think everyone would look good on it!!! I live in Sierra Vista, Arizona, is 1 hour from Tucson, 3 hours from Phoenix, so pretty south! I can make any hats on any size, I just need to know your measurment!
    Anyway, thank you again, and HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!