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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Manti Pagent 2010

On Saturday, June, 26th I went to the Manti Miracle Pagent with 2 of my bestest friends and 3 boys! Leah and her hubby Presley came, Bariann and her 2 handsome boys David and Jacob, and of course...how could I forget Mindles (Mindy). It was a severe blast!
Friday night I spent the night at Leah's house...on the couch. Oh of course we had to watch a scary movie in the dark (Drag me to Hell). I won't be watching that EVER again soon! Then we sort of collapsed into bed (me on the couch...silly)!
Saturday Leah and I had to go shopping for a skirt for me so I could go to a very special baby blessing for Cher! Her adorable little girl was being blessed on Sunday! I was so excited she invited me to come! She and her family hold a very dear place in my heart. OHHHHH, there I go again getting off subject. So Leah and I went to the mall and I had the hardest time deciding if I should get a skirt that Leah told me I looked adorable in. I hated the way I looked in it and she said I looked way cute! I wasn't so sure. I hate my legs and normally refuse to wear anything higher than mid calf in length! So in the end I caved and bought the skirt (it has a green top that is WAAAAAY too big)! I got some compliments but I was totally self concious! UGHHHH!
As soon as Presley got home from work we got Leah's sister and were on our way! We went to Bariann's house where we changed (some of us) and I had to show off my recent purchase (that was a total embarrassment). Then we all headed off to Manti for the funnest night I've had all month! I'm not kidding!
We saved our seats, parked the cars at B's brother's house and then walked to the church for the bestest dinner I've had in months! We had green beans, mashed potatoes (from potato pearls), gravy, salad, a brownie or carrot cake, and the star of the plate was......MORONI TURKEY! It was so delicious I savored every single bite!
After dinner we walked around and ended up getting shaved ice and upon eating it started freezing! It was so fun! Then B's sister in law came with 2 of her boys and they finished off B's ice and another one that wasn't finished by one of her sons! Yeehaw!
Then the Pagent started! It was amazing! It was such a spiritual experience! The stories told in the Pagent strengthened my testimony and brought the spirit more wholly into my heart. I stirred some emotions and feelings within me that only can happen in or on Sacred ground! I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints is TRUE! I know that the Book of Mormon is TRUE and I know that FaMiLiEs can be together FoReVeR!
Those who were in the Pagent I give a round of applause! They were amazing! GoOd WoRk!

Here are a few pictures of us in our grandest moments! Yeehaw! I do reccommend going if you haven't ever or if you haven't been in a while!

a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ydguxezOp8E/TCgKbCdHrqI/AAAAAAAAAGA/FoZiIhKQePA/s1600/100_2229.JPG">


  1. Sara- Thanks for coming down to Sanpete. Let's do the pageant again soon. You are fantastic and do look fab in your new skirt. I expect pics of family camp here in another week! Go swim check!!!!!

  2. You and Leah and your scary movies. He he, I love it. The pageant looks like it was great, too. Love ya!