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Friday, November 5, 2010

Wow, it has been a while since I have been on here! I don't have any pictures of me! I don't want to make you throw up! But I have found a new and fun project that keeps me going and has me so excited that I have to share!

Now the first batch of this lovely new stuff totally BOMBED! I didn't do it right, I was completely guessing on the amounts for the recipe. NOTTHING worked and like my kids said...the icing smelled like playdough! YUCK! I won't be using that kind again!

For those who read this and work with me, you already know what it is! I made CAKE POPS! They are so fun to make...when you do it the right way, they taste YuMmY, and they look adorable! I found out about them from a website about food blogs! The lady who created them is so adorable, she goes by Bakerella! I can't get enough of these. I am putting the cake mix business in even more business! And my wallet in severe trouble! I just need to work on making them lactose free!

Now, when I made my second batch (the ones that turned out a TON better) they tasted amazing! But, I'm still working on getting them to look cute! So bear with me! Here are some pictures of the end product! I was so proud of myself..but as I get better I will feel more confident!

Sorry about the dirty wall behind the pops. That is what I get for taking pictures in the kitchen and on the stove! Next time it will not be that way...I hope! If not, oh well!

Hey, I would love some more imput on the taste! Any takers!?!

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  1. Those are absolutely ADORABLE!!! I think I might try those. Thanks for the info! :)