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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easter Eggs or Dinosaur Eggs…Who Knows?!

So with Easter comingand the other best part of the seasonSpring Break! I thought I would share with y'all something I found online. I was doing my daily check of Our Best Bites and came upon Sara's (I love that name) latest fun project she was doing with her kidlets. I saw it and I got so overly excited I about did an Irish Jigsorry for the visual! It was about 6:30 in the morning on a Friday and I was so tiredthis was a great way to wake me up!

Lately I have been feeling really low because of all the stuff I am dealing with. Since finding this website I have perked up a bit and gotten excited! It feels so great to have something to take my mind off work and stuff!

1st boil some eggs! I used some that our neighbor gave usfresh from the farm! It doesn't matter what kind you use!


2nd, after the eggs have cooled you are going to crack it. Simply tap it on the counter so you have cracks all over the eggs, like mine! I didn't know I could be my own model! *It is okay if some small pieces fall off, just make sure none of the big ones do.


3rd, get some mugs or glass cups. We had these mugs laying around and eggs fit in them so I just grabbed them! Add some food coloring to the mugs and some water. I used a lot as you will see in the next picture, I wanted the eggs to be really vibrant!

4th, use as much or as little food coloring as you wish! Add water and stir to make sure it is mixed together well.

5th, carefully plop/put the eggs in the mug with the water and food coloring mixture. The eggs will need to "hang-out" in the food color & water for a while. I left mine in over night, I actually don't know how long they are supposed to be in it! I guess if you do it in the morning you could just leave it soaking all day?!

    *One note, so your egg doesn't go bad and stuff, I highly suggest putting your eggs in the fridge! No one needs salmanila poisoning!

6th, after they have sat in the mug/cup, carefully take them out. I put mine in a bowl with paper towels so they wouldn't bleed on each other! Don't they look purdy?!

7th, I left this as a big picture so you can see the deatails of the food coloring on the eggs. Isn't it cool? My favorite is the purple one. It is so bright and vibrant! It looks like artistic spider websI guess they could be called egg webs! Ha ha ha!

This is another view of them without the shell still attached! The blue one in this picture looks rad too! Sometimes there are spots where the food coloring didn't get. It's okay, they still look unique and festive! Don't worry, they taste good too! I promise!

Here's the last thing I am going to show you before you jump off your chair and go try this! Aren't the insides of the shell awesome?! It's like the design rubbed off or something! My mom thought it was pretty "tight"!

    Now ENJOY! I am sure the kids will have fun making these! If you let them take part in it, it is even more exciting! I can't wait to hear from ya on how it goes!

    Well there you have it! Dino-Easter Eggs! I didn't think I could make anything so fun late at night, but I did! Hip-hip hooray for me! I hope you have as much fun making them as I did! Oh and by the way, they DID taste yummy! With a little salthard boiled Dino-Easter Eggs are delish!

Hoppy Easter!


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  1. Oh my gosh! Those are SSSSSOOOO cute! What a great idea!