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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Presents and Pure Excitement!

Okay I know I haven't blogged for awhile, that is because I felt no one was even reading my blog. I would check on here to respond to comments and I would only see one faithful person say something. It was rather dejecting to me! So I didn't do any posts and became lost in things to do with my family and my Kindergarten class. Now that school is out I have decided to try this again! Well, with the hope that more people will comment to let me know what y'all think!;)

Now let me show you something I am WAY EXCITED about! I was shopping for one of my really good friends (she is like a sister) birthday present. I had part of it at home; Jolly Rancher chapstick! I was way excited to find it in the dollar section of my ever growing favorite store...Target!

Now for the best part of the gift! Are you ready? I even took pictures! I'm impressed with myself! I just haven't found time to stamp my name on them. So here we go!
The first gift for Leah is:
I saw this and about died! Leah use to work at DQ back in the old college days and we would go and get Blizzards on those HOT..and sometimes cold Cedar days! They have some great flavors! But to be honest, they just aren't the same up here in SL!

Okay so threr are little packets with the mix to make your own personal Blizzard! How cool is that? It is like the Easy Bake Oven...only you make your own fun Blizzards! It came with 2 packets in the original box, but I thought she could use more so that when I go and visit she can make me one! She is pro at getting the top of the ice cream to do the little flip thing on top! I love it! I seriously can't wait to have her make me one...oh the yummy, creamy, ice cold, delicious-ness sliding down my throat and into my tummy! OHHHHHH...I can't find any words to describe how tantalizing it sounds. I want one now!!!!

I of course found a very appropriate card! Leah and I are always trying to one up each other on the hilarious cards for any occasion! I love this one! She is turning the same age I already am! So this totally describes us!

Here is the inside.
Hilarious right?! I love it!

So I am totally psyched about giving this to Leah this weekend!
What are some fun gifts you have given your friends, spouse, parents, siblings, etc lately that are fun and get you excited about giving them? Leave a post so we can all get inspired!


  1. Ha ha...I remember those good ol DQ days! He he! Love the gift, Sara! And I absolutely LOVE the card! I need to give that to my husband. Genius!

  2. The gift is awesome! I am here and I do read. I am horrible at comments mainly because I feel that my comments are lame, and usually best left unsaid.

  3. I love that you got this gift for Leah! I think the card is hilarious! I like the background you chose for your blog-its very cute!