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Monday, July 25, 2011

Utah's Birthday and Something YuMmY!

Well today is Monday and though it is not the 24th of July we still celebrated Utah's "Birthday" today with an AWESOME parade put on by none other than......Utahn's! There were some pretty amazing men in kilts, horses with riders, President Monson was in it, incredible floats, men in kilts, clowns, bands, men in kilts, city royalty, and adorable kids! There were smiles everywhere! And I'm sure horse poop too!;)

But something I love and is Utah made that totally seals the day with joy is this:
I know you can't really see what it says but it says "Utah Truffles".
If you could only see, I am totally drooling!
These are a package of love just waiting to be opened! Let's do it:)
OHHH La La! Now if you have ever had a truffle you know the outside chocolate is "hard" and the inside...well let's just say it melts in your mouth and is better than kissing! Well that is my personal opinion! I have never been kissed so I don't really know but from watching people kiss I think this soft, smooth, richness has got to be better! And to boot, it is mint! Oh glory my mouth is seriously wet!

I can't stand it any longer I have to open it and let you see the delictable middle. Are you ready for this...I hope the picture is okay. The lighting was horrible (I should never shoot out an eastern window at almost dusk).
Here weeeeeeeeee go...
Can you see the love in there?! Just think of how it melts in your mouth...and if you hold onto it to long it will melt in your hand but your hand can't taste it so you better get'er in your mouth before it melts all over the place!

So now that I have just drooled all over my computer and table I had better go eat that bad boy! It is so calling my name!
If you are wondering where to find these yummy treats (I only allow myself one a week or one every two weeks because they are so big...and taste better than the balls you see at check out stands at the grocery store), well I have seen them at Macey's (the grocery store) and Seagul Book and Tape. So go get yourself some! They come in differnt flavors, dark chocolate, dark chocolate and mint, milk chocolate, milk chocolate and mint, milk chocolate with toffee, milk chocolate and raspberry, and milk chocolate and orange. They all taste amazing, so go try one, or two, or all of them!

So celebrate the rest of July and Utah's birthday by giving yourself a special treat...and if you have to hide in the bathroom and take a bubble bath with candles and relaxing music while eating it I totally give you permission!

Let me know what you think!
I love comments so please share:)


  1. I think I will celebrate by giving myself a special treat...one of those truffles should do the trick. By the way, I want you to know how mean you are. My mouth has been watering since I first saw that wrapper. Mmmm! Yummo.

  2. These truffles are delicious!
    They passed them out for Mother's Day/Women's Day in our Ward and they had left over so they also did it onFather's Day/Men's Day! Good job on the pictures! I love you, Sis!