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Monday, August 1, 2011

YAY, Fun New Things To Play With

Check out the fun new things I bought today! They were on sale and then I got $5 off one thing and 10% off the other. It was like uphoria! AAAAHHHHH!

I got this lovely thing so I can make lactose free ice cream and sorbet. I was so excited I couldn't wait to get it out and use it!
Pulling it out....

Let's take a look inside--->

Upon opening this and reading the instructions I found I had to freeze the inner bowl for 16-24 hours. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I wanted to use it ASAP! But noooooo, I have to wait a day before I can. That is just irratating. But it better work really well if I have to wait this long to use it! I'm going to make a recipe I found from Two Peas and Their Pod

The other fun thing I got is...
I saw this and told my mom and sister that it would be so fun to use and experiment with! Since it was on sale and I had the 10% off coupon I decided to get it. It's not like I could really afford it, but I thought it would make my cake pop making easier!
Here is what it looks like out of the package!

And the inside-->
Doesn't that look cool? I wonder if I could make little eggs with this?! Just kidding! I know of a great bacon and egg cup recipe that would be so fun to do with this. OHHHHH, I'm so excited!

Since I couldn't use the ice cream maker right away and I felt like making something I decided to use this. I got out my trusty milk free brownie mix and made it. I plugged in the cord and got to work!
Aren't they cute? I can also make doughnut holes!

The final product are little brownie bites that you can pop in your mouth and devour the scrumptious fudgy-ness within! And I don't cook mine all the way so I get that squishy gooey goodness inside. I don't like the dry stuff! Thanks though!:)

I'll keep ya posted on some of the fun stuff I make using my new toys! And if you're lucky, you'll get to try some! If not, try making some yourself! Let me know what you do, I love hearing from all you guys!

I Love comments, lay 'em on me!


  1. That cake-pop maker is AWESOME!!! I want one! Or better yet, we should just get together so I can have a sampling of your brilliant baking! :)

  2. Sara- your new kitchen toys look like tons of fun! I checked out the cake pops book from the library and I am ready to try them again. My first batches were not pretty! Cher had her little boy Sunday so I am here until tomorrow.